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EWMExecutive Web Management LLC (EWM) was founded in 2003 to complement its sister company, Executive Computer Management Solutions Inc. (ECMSI). The focus of EWM from day one has always been to provide solid, real-world website solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

Due to the complexities of northeastern Ohio, and in particular the Mahoning Valley in which EWM is based, it's safe to say that the economy drives market fluctuations more rapidly these days. As a result, EWM understands that clients are budget-minded but also want (and need) websites that can compete in local, regional, national, and world markets.

EWM takes a much different approach to websites than our competitors. We don't work on commission. We will never recommend or sell anyone anything that they don't need. But we do approach every potential client with the intent of a long-term, professional relationship. And we always strive for fairness, both for the client and for ourselves. Your bottom line is always our top priority.

Take a look below at EWM's services and our ever-expanding portfolio to see how we've helped our clients with their websites. Then feel free to contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your solutions.


EWM has always created websites that are borne from common sense but exude clarity of purpose. Read below for more details on what we do.


    Custom Design

    Our clients love options—that's why EWM offers custom HTML site design. We converse extensively with the client before starting a website design so that we can get a good idea about the nature of their business, their likes and dislikes, and their position versus their competition. As a result, the site that we produce is customized to expressly fit the client's wishes and needs.

    In addition, we meticulously plan the entire site's structural layout so that future changes are easier to implement. Items can be amended relatively quickly to an existing site because of our streamlined system, resulting in an efficient use of time and therefore tightly-controlled billing.



    On the other hand, EWM also offers template-based sites for more client-driven site changes. Popular software such as Wordpress can be installed in mere minutes, has a robust support system, offers a myriad of plug-ins and extensions, and its content management system (CMS) capabilities for client-side changes are extremely flexible and easy to learn. Of course, we'll always be here for support if you need it.

    Have a Wordpress (or other) site you'd like to move? We can help you with the transition.



    EWM develops every website using the latest industry standards—both current and emerging—to provide elegant, cutting-edge solutions. This includes the use of HTML5 and CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, support for modern web browsers, optimization for mobile platforms, and responsive design. We even make sure that your site passes W3C validation as much as possible. This means that your site will just work great on any device.



    EWM owns its dedicated server for stability and flexibility. Therefore our hosting plan cost is modest* and includes virtually unlimited storage, unlimited monthly data transfer, multimedia support, and statistics package. Additional items can always be added at a nominal cost.

    Some websites will require a dedicated IP address, security certificate, and so on, depending upon the scale. Our hosting plans can accommodate such situations with an adjusted rate which will be determined after our initial client meeting.

    *Contact us for our current hosting and design rates.



    Need a domain name? EWM will help you find your domain and make sure its record is properly assigned to you. We can also transfer and forward domains, and all of our domains will auto-renew so you'll never have to worry about yours expiring. For additional site security we also offer SSL certificates at a reasonable price.*

    *Contact us for our current pricing.

  • SEO


    EWM goes through the process of basic search engine optimization (SEO) for all of our clients. We work one-on-one with our clients to construct the optimal keywords, description, and other important parameters for search engines. Then we submit your site to multiple search engines so that you're catalogued quicker, meaning your target audience finds you faster.



    Each client has its own cPanel®, one of the industry's leading control panel products for website management on the hosting server. Once logged into cPanel, there's a lot you can do to enhance and examine your site, plus you can install additional components to enhance or complement it.

    It's just another powerful way that EWM lets you take a proactive approach to managing your website.



    EWM's design team works quickly and efficiently. Our billing time is in partial-hour increments*, so you will always be billed ethically. If a website change will involve more time than is customary, we will notify you first of the approximate time range so that you can make a decision before we start. We will never overbill you for our services, nor will we ever start a major update without your approval. With EWM, you will always be in control of your expenses.

    *Contact us for our current hosting and design rates.


Our client list is one of the most comprehensive around—and with good reason. EWM has an excellent working relationship with our clients and we ensure that their sites are exactly what they need (and want). But more importantly, we feel humbled that they trust their collective web presence with us.

The examples below represent a small fraction of our clientele, but it gives great insight into our capabilities.




We love keeping in touch with our clients (and the public in general). Read our latest news below!

  • September 2018 — We are moving our current clients to a newer, faster server solution. All sites will be moved by the end of this month. If you see any issues during or after the move, please contact us right away.
  • July 2018 — If you didn't secure your website with HTTPS yet, Google's Chrome browser will now show your site as 'insecure' and you may be penalized in Google searches. We can help assist you with enabling an SSL that will solve both problems — contact us to find out how!
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