EWM has always created websites that are borne from common sense but exude clarity of purpose. Read below for more details on what we do.

Custom Design

Our clients love options—that’s why EWM offers custom site design. We converse extensively with the client before starting a website design so that we can get a good idea about the nature of their business, their likes and dislikes, and their position versus their competition. As a result, the site that we produce is customized to expressly fit the client’s wishes and needs.

In addition, we meticulously plan the entire site’s structural layout so that future changes are easier to implement. Items can be amended relatively quickly to an existing site because of our streamlined system, resulting in an efficient use of time and therefore tightly-controlled billing.

Local Hosting + Support

EWM is situated in the heart of the Mahoning Valley. When your business trusts us with their site, you have the peace of mind knowing that we’re local, with a local support line, to get your concerns resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our servers are maintained by us, and with a super-fast connection to major Internet backbones, we know you’ll love how fast our hosted websites load on all devices.

Domain Names

Need a domain name? EWM will help you find your domain and make sure its record is properly assigned to you. We can also transfer and forward domains, and all of our domains will auto-renew so you’ll never have to worry about yours expiring. For additional site security we also offer SSL certificates at a reasonable price.*

*Contact us for our current pricing.

Industry Standards

EWM develops every website using the latest industry standards—both current and emerging—to provide elegant, cutting-edge solutions. This includes the use of HTML5 and CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, support for modern web browsers, optimization for mobile platforms, and responsive design. We even make sure that your site passes W3C validation as much as possible. This means that your site will just work great on any device.


EWM goes through the process of basic search engine optimization (SEO) for all of our clients. We work one-on-one with our clients to construct the optimal keywords, description, and other important parameters for search engines. Then we submit your site to multiple search engines so that you’re catalogued quicker, meaning your target audience finds you faster.